How Effective Is Mobile Analytics for App Developers?

There are four types of app stores: platform, operator, independent and manufacturer. This is a fragmented market with each keep having its very own strengths and weaknesses depending on the customers’ point of view and specific necessities. This document ambitions to uncover the panorama of stores and where they currently stand.

Platform & Manufacturer Stores:

Apple App Store – The first and, presently, most a success store. With over three hundred,000 apps for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad, it has had over 7 billion downloads to this point. All apps in this store are vetted by way of Apple for suitability, adherence to layout standards and to keep the apps suitable. Apple take 30% of any profits from the app.

Google Android Market – This store presently boasts 100,000 apps with 5,000+ being brought weekly. It is an unregulated shop so whatever goes. This however approach that in addition to many precise apps, there are also a honest amount of badly designed dross. Google take 30% of any earnings from the app.

Ovi Store – that is Nokia’s app keep which has had 3 million downloads in particular for Nokia phones. Although the jury remains out on their new range of smartphones, Nokia’s large installed base of Symbian devices imply that they’re nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. Watch this space.

BlackBerry App World – Specifically for BlackBerry gadgets, this store has round sixteen,000 apps and claims to have 20m phones within the market. No information on actual downloads but the devices don’t make it smooth.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace – Brand new save, presently has approximately 3,000 apps. Microsoft are positioning Windows Phone 7 as a extra patron-orientated platform so games are distinguished. With Microsoft’s advertising would possibly, count on this to grow swiftly.

Samsung App Store – App save in particular for Samsung gadgets timenewspro which use Android or their personal bada systems. The save has only 800 apps and it claims 14 million bada apps had been downloaded to this point.

Palm App Catalog – Now owned by using HP, this keep has simply over four,000 apps in particular designed for the Palm Pre. Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pre 2 in the pipeline.

LG Application Store – This keep turned into launched in July 2009. Up till recognise, the store targeted on Windows Mobile applications. At the instant, 2,969 content material gadgets are available.

Independent Stores:

GetJar – This is the second largest app shop, after Apple, and is platform-agnostic. It claims it has over 55,000 apps across all the fundamental handset systems and manages 50m downloads in step with month. Downloading some apps, which include the iPhone apps, is a chunk cumbersome, and some just do not work. It works for developers as there’s no price or sales proportion, it doesn’t maintain download information a secret and it’s far mobile Web friendly.

Amazon – Not but released, the Amazon Android app keep threatens to be everything Android Market is not. However inside the pre-release bumph Amazon states that an app can’t be sold for less anywhere else, and that the app can’t be on offer anywhere else for greater than weeks before it’s given to Amazon. The alleged T’s & C’s also states that Amazon has sole discretion to determine all features and operations of the apps and might set the retail rate.

Handmark – This is an impartial utility save, like Getjar. It is to be had global and features applications for more than one essential systems. The business enterprise supports an expansion of computing device, cell net, and consumer app stores, such as its flagship Pocket Express information and data service and a downloadable app store for Windows Mobile gadgets.

Appitalism – Independent of any device or platform affiliations, Appitalism combines a social network with an internet shop to help consumers quick and easily discover, speak and download the excellent digital content. The site’s social functions empowers participants to collectively decide the high-quality apps and content for every device.

Appitalism supposedly gives an unbiased and personalized enjoy for members based totally on their pursuits. Other independent app shops – The following shops are a combined bag, wach with their personal strengths: Handster, Mobango, PocketGear, SlideMe, Handango, AndAppStore

Operator Stores:

By James Smith
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